Welcome to Dellea.biz

Dellea Family 2016My name is Arthur Dellea; I’m the sole proprietor of Dellea.biz Computer Services. I provide on-site Windows computer repairs and remote technical support services to homes and small offices in Southern Berkshire County, Massachusetts. I’m a multi-generational American and a bible-believing Christian, and I’ve been faithfully serving local residents since 1996. My strategy is to be 100% honest with my clients because I base my entire business on true biblical principles. I understand the importance of quality work, dedicated customer service, and affordable rates; my dedication leads to your satisfaction.

Home & Office Remote Tune-Ups

Today’s cyber criminals build malware that’s designed to slip past antivirus programs undetected; I’m a regionally-recognized expert in removing viruses, trojans, rootkits, worms, rogues, dialers, spyware, exploits, bots, ransomware and other malware. I’ll speed up your slow Windows computer by removing junk files, pop-ups and errors remotely through the internet. Remote tune-ups are the best option if…

  • Your computer is running slow
  • The computer crashes unexpectedly
  • Error messages are popping up
  • Programs won’t run or are missing
  • Your antivirus is disabled or expired
  • You need malware and viruses removed
  • You’re a victim of a foreign computer scam

I’ll optimize your computer’s performance by deleting junk files, internet clutter, and issues that may be slowing down your computer. I’ll also remove errors that cause annoying pop-ups, warnings, and crashes in order to restore the functionality of your operating system, web browsers, and other programs. For software, malware and performance problems on Windows laptops or desktops at your home or small office book a remote tune-up appointment; reliable internet service is required.

Home & Office On-Site Services

I offer you my experienced troubleshooting skills and advice to protect your data, to secure your computer and to give you peace of mind. I’ll assess your equipment to determine if it should be repaired, replaced, or if it simply needs a tune-up. On-site service is best for…

  • Tune-ups and maintenance at your location
  • New computer, device and network setups
  • Computer hardware repairs and upgrades
  • Data backup, transfer and protection
  • Printer and device diagnostics
  • Network and internet troubleshooting
  • Software and hardware consultations

For issues with Windows laptops, desktops, printers, networks, devices, hardware, software or malware at your home or small office book an on-site service appointment.